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As we move into a new generation of the Hmong experience in America, we have to change and refine who we are as a community. Like a chameleon adapts into its environment, we Hmong continue to adapt wherever we go. We don't adapt to survive but we adapt to succeed.

Hmonglish was originally set up in 2006 to motivate our younger generations to redefine the Hmong image and refine themselves in America. Today, there are so many more positive influences and role models in our community. Let's celebrate one another's success and support the causes that bring our community together.

Remember that each of us make the difference in how the Hmong people are perceived in this world. Let us be proud of our history and past, but let's refine what it means to be a proud Hmong and American.

Thank you for your continued support and for your purchase. Although Hmonglish is no longer in operation, we thank BigEyeLittleEye for their assistance in getting our product back out there for ordering. Please remember to check out the BigEyeLittleEyeShop for more clothing, apparel, and gifts.

Thank you.

Kou and Yua